Tracking Expenses: Where Did All My Money Go?

It is one thing to have money ‘missing’ from your account or unaccounted for, it is another thing to find your name in fine prints as the culprit for the missing money. Wondering how anyone could get to the point where they are screaming “Where did all my money go?” That's easy to find out.

Food orders, a gift for a friend’s birthday, drinks on a night out with friends or even jumping on a Black Friday deal; all done quickly, without tracking or a planned budget. You end up racking your brain, looking for N20,000 and comparing the backlog of alerts to see just where that money went.

When you don’t keep track of how money leaves your account and what it is for, you tend to have many of those ‘missing’ money moments where your actual account balance doesn't match the balance you have in your head; a real chest pain, if you ask me.

Following your money’s footsteps and tracking your spending, keeps you on top of your money. Looks like a herculean task but it is easy to find out all these with Eyowo.

We talked to some of our users and here is what they had to say about what takes the large chunk of their money every month and how they found out.


Where does all your money go?

“Omo, it is somewhere between feeding and transportation oh. And it all started when I moved to this Lagos.”

How did you find out

That’s easy. There was free food in my father’s house, now I have to pay for everything I eat. Hard life.


Where does all your money go?

“Matters of the heart insert long laugh. I have been served breakfast this year and I find that I indulge in retail therapy to feel better”

How did you find out

I was going through my money trails looking for a particular payment I made to someone who claimed not to have seen it. While looking through, I started seeing all the money I had sent to Instagram vendors. What?? Large heartbreaking chunks (Pun intended). 2022 we do better.


Where does all your money go?

I am ashamed to say it is food. The amount of payments I have made to CR this year is plenty. Throw in transfers to the Sharwama guy and you will lay the foundation of a house.

How did you find out

My Money Insight on Eyowo X gave me away. I need to eat at home or find cheaper cravings in 2022.


Where does all your money go?

To be honest, my money goes into many places.

How did you find out?

I know this from by looking through my transaction history or checking my account statement at the end of the month.


Where does all your money go?

It is a ‘who’ and it is my Father. My mum too, they are the beneficiaries who have taken the highest amount of money.

How did you find out?

I tried sending money to my dad and the insight on Eyowo X showed me how much I had sent to him in total over the past months. I let out a huge scream.


Where does all your money go?

It is food, good food to be precise. If I were to eat rice, I'd take it with lots of meat even though it is expensive. There is also transportation because I don’t enjoy jumping buses. Though these days I jump bus with humility sometimes

How did you find out?

I sat down one day and did a little analysis of how much I spend per month and what I spent it on, and boom, it was food and Uber in my face.

Do you know what takes all your money?

To find out, simply launch your Eyowo X, tap Go and scroll to Reports. The Expense section shows all the money that has left your account and the Insight section gives more details on the purpose of the transactions.

Check yours today; you may or may not be surprised by what you find.







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