Say Hello to the Safest Card in Nigeria - The Eyowo #BetterCard.

Our Better Card is a debit card with the card number and expiry date deliberately removed, as opposed to what is obtainable with conventional debit cards.

Imagine a world where you could leave your debit card on the table, at a store, or anywhere unattended and not worry. That reality is here now with the launch of our better card in partnership with Mastercard.

As Africans, we don't play with our money and that is why at Eyowo,  we believe that something as simple as a debit card should not be an easy means to defraud you.

If you have ever passed through the painful experience of having your debit card stolen or lost before, you will definitely agree with us that it is a bitter experience. When the safety of the money you worked tediously day and night for is at risk, you are bound to feel devastated. We know and understand how this could impact your finances and this is why we designed the Eyowo Better Card.  

How we are solving this;

Because we are a bank that prioritises the security of your money, we've partnered with Mastercard, a global payment and technology company,  to launch the safest debit cards in Nigeria. Our partnership with Mastercard Digital First Program is a pre-meditated effort to enhance the safety and security of your online banking and contactless transactions.

What makes it the safest card?


Nothing to see, nothing to steal.

We believe your debit card should be accessible to only you - with a sole purpose of enabling you to have access to spend your money whenever you want. Hence, we have created an experience that relieves your worries about financial safety and enables you to prioritise what is most important to you - your money.

Our Better Card is a debit card with the card number and expiry date deliberately removed, as opposed to what is obtainable with conventional debit cards. In the words of Ope Adeyemi, VP of Products at Eyowo Digital Bank, "We thought that this was the single most important improvement that had to be made to the debit card which is widely known as a predominant channel for account-takeover fraud. We wanted to give our customers the freedom to spend without worrying about losing their hard-earned money by providing a card that keeps their money safe."

This information, which has often been used to commit financial fraud and extort people of their hard-earned money, will only be made accessible to you on your Eyowo X app.

The Better Card, Which Helps You Be Better With Money:

It was important for us to perfect the better card for our users to ensure simplicity, functionality and usability of our cards. This was done through what we call "the beta phase" where we made an initial release of the cards to only 500 users for testing. Our goal was to make sure the better cards work exactly how they’ve been designed for you. 

The BWM Leaderboard Ranks

This phase has successfully closed out and we’re thrilled to let you know that the full roll-out has commenced and it is now accessible to every Eyowo user with a Better with Money (BWM) Rank above a Bishop. 


A wielder of the Eyowo card gets exclusive access to specially curated deals across a range of spend categories; beauty, gadgets, subscriptions, etc. We’ve partnered with vendors through the #BetterCard/#BetterDeals handshake to bring our users’ favourite items and services to them at a discount. 

You can request your Better Card via your app which is available for download on the Google Playstore and Apple app store. 
Here’s how to request your Better Card:

  • Launch your Eyowo X
  • Tap Go
  • Scroll down and tap Physical Cards
  • Watch out for the BWM Score which determines if you qualify for a card

If you do;

  • Fill in the required information
  • Tap Continue and your request will be submitted successfully.

If you don’t;

Not to worry at all. Please read here for how to climb the BWM Leaderboard so you can qualify for the #BetterCard.
We are committed to providing a banking experience where, as our customer,  you can focus on gaining better knowledge about your money, build better habits and have total control on how your money impacts your life. We believe by alleviating the daily struggles with money we would be able to achieve this. Our better cards is one of the major strides we have made to do so and we will continue to innovate around what makes life easier for you.

We look forward to your first swipe!


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Join the money circle and be better with money!

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