Rooks, Queens & More: Introducing the Eyowo Better With Money Leaderboard

The Eyowo ‘Better with Money’ leaderboard is equal parts, a score of your behaviour with money and how much of Eyowo you utilise.

To kick off a new season and an exciting lineup of campaigns, activities, and events that we’ve planned for you including, the launch of ‘something better, something safe, something incognito’ (Hint: Swipe), we are delighted to announce the Eyowo ‘Better With Money’ Leaderboard. 

Why are we doing this? 

10 months ago, when we launched the redesigned Eyowo X, we anchored its launch on the promise that it would make our users better with money. Being Better with Money simply means making better financial decisions through Eyowo X by utilising all of the features that enable better.

The Eyowo ‘Better with Money’ leaderboard is equal parts, a score of your behaviour with money and how much of Eyowo you utilise. Each rank on the leaderboard comes with special conditions and delightful rewards!


What makes up the Better with Money (BWM) scoring system? 

We’ve selected 8 essential features of Eyowo intentionally designed to help you achieve new financial habits that will make you better with money.

These features are: 

  1. Eyowo Bill Payment enables you to buy data, recharge your phone or pay all your electricity and cable bills; free and fast!
  2. Eyowo Card, currently in closed beta, is the safest card in Nigeria because it’s numberless and protects your money from fraud.
  3. Eyowo Controls allows you to set weekly or monthly budgets and spend wisely to avoid stories that touch. 
  4. Eyowo Free transfers allow you to make unlimited transfers to anyone and any bank account without charge.
  5. Eyowo Report gives clarity into your spend - income & expense, and is complemented by payment categorisation, allowing you to label everything you spend money on! 
  6. Eyowo Money Requests allows you receive money from your friends and family on request. Send a request and get paid as easy as A. B. C.
  7. Eyowo Payment Links is super helpful and allows you to receive money through links for rendered services, and can serve as makeshift invoices for your side hustles.
  8. Eyowo Savings is simply the real deal and earns you up to 13% interest on multiple safes as you like. 

How are your scores calculated?

After sending out surveys and monitoring user behaviours across these features, we allotted percentages to each feature which amount to a total of 100%!

The BWM Scoring System

The BWM algorithm will calculate all of your activities across these features -  taking into consideration your frequency and recency -   and your position on the leaderboard is informed by this calculation. In the end, you will be categorised into the different Eyowo Ranks based on the scale your score falls on. 

What are the BWM Rankings?

This is the real juice! We wanted to make this extra delightful,  so we chose chess names for each score scale. Keep reading to understand the ranks.

The BWM Ranks



What it means

Rank Rewards

FreshmanIf you’re currently on 0%,  then you’re an Eyowo Freshman. You’re yet to carry any action and explore all of the amazing features Eyowo offers you. Nothing.
BishopsIf you score between 1% -29%, then you’re an Eyowo Bishop. You are still testing the waters but not quite there yet in your unfolding relationship with your money. There’s so much room for improvement and we can’t wait for you to keep climbing up and be able to access all of the rewards that come with the higher rankings like great deals, and the Eyowo Card.Better Deals
KnightsIf you score between 30% - 49%, then you’re an Eyowo Knight. You’ve tested two or more features and have experienced better but you’ve not made a total commitment to this relationship yet. What’s stopping you? We wonder. The good news is that you qualify for a card and this can help improve your scores!

Eyowo Card

Better Deals

Access to select Eyowo events and campaigns

Rooks If you score between 50% - 69%, then you’re an Eyowo Rook. You’re doing well! We would love to talk to you and find out what you’ve enjoyed so far and help you to move forward with us. And if you don’t already have an Eyowo card, now is the time to apply for one and get it easily! You also qualify for great deals and access to our partner events among others. 

Eyowo card. 

Better Deals.

VIP Access to events and campaigns

Eyowo Merchandise

BWM Feature

QueensIf you score above 70%, then you’re an Eyowo Queen! You are a master of your money and you understand the benefits of making better decisions. You’re a goal-getter and we’d love to feature you on our Better with Money series. This rank comes with freebies like the Eyowo card, free cash and airtime, VIP access to some partner events etc. 

Eyowo Card. 

Better Deals 

Loyalty rewards. 

Eyowo Merchandise. 

VVIP Access to select Eyowo events and campaigns.

BWM Feature

The BWM Lingua to look out for

With the BWM Leaderboard comes different words that all find expression in your BWM Scorecard. Keep reading so you understand what each means when you receive your Scorecard.

BWM Score

This is the cumulative score of all your activities across the range of Eyowo features designed for you. *See above for how this is calculated. 


These refer to the different positions on the Leaderboard. *See above.

Rank Rewards (RR)

Your RRs are all the exciting benefits that come with your current rank. 

Next Rank Rewards (NRR)

Your NRRs refer to the benefits you get access to when you move up the leaderboard to the next rank.

Rank Booster

These are recommendations of actions you can take on Eyowo to boost your BWM score so you can climb from one rank to another, faster.


Now that you know all about the BWM Leaderboard, what next? 

In the coming days, you will get a mail telling you what your rank is. Be expectant! 

While we can not rightfully tell you what you should be doing with your money, we can reiterate the Eyowo promise to you: We’ve built a bank that will make you Better with Money. 

You can respond to this leaderboard in so many different ways, such as: Is there a need for me to be better with money and how does this leaderboard help me? Can I use the leaderboard to motivate myself to control money and become a master in financial domination? If yes to all, you can improve your scores by making more free transfers, earning on multiple safes, setting controls to help you spend better, or using reports to track your expenses. Consistently!

We can’t wait to see how you move along the ranks!











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Join the money circle and be better with money!

Good to Grow.

Good to Go.

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