Eyowo X Asah Bara Strings and Stories: The Mind over Money Therapy

“We entirely believe money and mind cannot be separated and have built Eyowo to ensure all we need to develop better money habits is at our fingertips.”

Saturday, 5th March 2022 - to an intimate gathering of people united bound by their stories - would come to be a day they found healing and the shedding of burdens in an unusual way. 

In a partnership between Eyowo and Asah Bara, the residents of Abuja were treated to an evening of conversations around mindfulness and money. This event is a running experience curated by Visual Artist, Zoza of Asah Bara to “bring people closer to themselves and enjoy their humanity a little bit more.”


David and Uloma

The evening opened with a short introductory clip from Uloma Nwoke, Eyowo Social Content Strategist and Zoza. This was quickly followed by a short talk from Uloma and David Oyawoye, brand storyteller for Eyowo on why this partnership was born. 

For David, Eyowo understands that helping people relate with their money differently starts from the mind hence the decision to partner with Asah Bara for this edition.

Palate Cleansing

To ensure an immersive experience,  Zoza kicked off her session by facilitating the ‘Palate Cleansing’, a breathing exercise to help people relax and get ready for what was to come

Guests were then immersed into tales of a woman living each day trying to beat an invincible life clock. These relatable tales spurred an emotional jerking Floating Mic session which saw guests open up about their personal struggles around money and life in general. 

Common across individual stories was the unifying thought that a lot of human anxiety is tied to money and the goals they hope to achieve with it. The air was rife with electrifying support in the form of words, hugs, and hand holding showered on guests who needed it. 

Guests reminded each other to ‘pause before they off.’ a phrase that simply means, rest.

Seindemi Olobayo, CEO, Eyowo and Zoza of Asah Bara

This 30 minute long session of bonding from shared money and non-money stories was followed by a quick talk from Seindemi Olobayo, CEO Eyowo. 

“We entirely believe money and mind cannot be separated and have built Eyowo to ensure all we need to develop better money habits is at our fingertips.” 

He went on to speak on how Eyowo is redefining the banking experience and equipping users with what it takes to control their money and grow.

About the ‘unusual therapy’ experience, “It’s amazing the effect this is having on people and we’re doing it in a vehicle that’s easy to get into, storytelling”. Said Zoza. When asked what she thought of the night, she said “ A lot of therapy happened here tonight, a lot of people helped themselves and helped others. So, I’ll say mission accomplished.”


The intense night ended with guests clustering up to offer each other much needed support, words of encouragement and strength on their journey to reshaping their money life.



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