Better with Money: Eyowo speaks to me when I want to make bad financial decisions

It feels like Eyowo speaks to me personally when I want to make bad financial decisions; it reminds me not to spend above my limit and shows me how much I’ve spent so far in the week.

The ‘I Am Better with Money’ series tells the money stories of real Nigerians and how they manage their money better with Eyowo.  

In this episode of #BetterWithMoney, we spoke to Tomiwa Adebanjo, a tech bro and an undeniably witty and interesting character who believes that his love for food and the amount of money he spends on his cravings is the reason he hasn’t bought a house in Lekki. You should enjoy this.


Hello Tomiwa, tell us a bit about yourself

I’m just a young man trying to get ahead in everything I'm involved in. I like food so I spend a sizeable amount of money on it. I’m very laid-back as well and I like to see myself as everybody’s guy! 😎


So you are our guy then…lol. Tell us about something cool you’re working on

Errr, let me keep it in for now; I’d like it to surprise everyone when it’s finally revealed.😜


Fingers crossed 🤞🏽. Let’s talk adulting; on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate adulting?




Omoooooo today I'm happy. Tomorrow an unforeseen circumstance just comes and shakes up everything I have planned. 😂


Highly recommend extending childhood…

Seriously, I should have extended that


When did you first become aware of the value of money as a child?

In Primary 3, I guess. 


Tell us about it

When I realised that whenever people visited our home and gave me money, my mum would decide to collect the note and give me two lesser notes that couldn't buy anything at break time in school. I knew there was inside fraud going on, but I couldn't fully understand it at the time. 😂


A Tech Bro was scammed😂….In your adult years, what is the most important thing that shapes your finances?

If we’re being real, Black Tax. I’m sure many of us can relate. You know, the billings from even newborn babies in your family. It just never ends and we have to live with it. 😭


We do. What 'want' do you spend the most money on? 

I always want food. I spend a crazy amount of money on food. Unhealthy spending on healthy and sometimes even unhealthy food.


Tell us about Eyowo? How did you hear about Eyowo?

Curiosity oh. My search for a brilliant, free and customer-centric bank landed me on the App Store where I read the reviews of the bank, and it got me sold.


And how has your experience been so far?

My experience has largely been a great one. 99/100 great if you ask me. I’d love to rate it a 100, but then like Nigerian lecturers would always say, “100/100 belongs to God.” 😂


What makes your experience with the app unique?

The mere fact that it is easy to use and the user experience is out of this world. It feels like the app speaks to me personally when I want to make bad financial decisions; it reminds me not to spend above my limit and shows me how much I’ve spent so far in the week. Also, the ease of making transfers without trying to calculate how many times I have done so in the month before the charge-free limit is reached. We all love free things, don't we? 😩  Then that 13% interest on savings, and the fact that I can earn the same amount of interest if I open multiple safes? My Lexus money go soon complete. 😂


Call us when it is 😂. What's one money habit you want to change?

My impulse spending. Thank God for Controls on Eyowo. It always helps me remember the son of who I am. 😂


And your top financial goal for 2022?

Honestly, it is to be better with money. How much is a semi-detached duplex in Lekki that I cannot afford if I’m strict with my weekly budget as I set it on Eyowo?


What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to with Eyowo?

So many things actually. First, I’m looking forward to a time where everyone gets on Eyowo and realises that banking can be just how they want it to be. It isn’t in the future; it is here. And I’m also looking forward to more amazing features like Swipe to Pay for people with Eyowo debit cards instead of waiting on the queue with non-Eyowo users who have refused to see the light. 😂


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