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A Winning Partnership: Unveiling Angel B. Smith as our Brand Ambassador

This is what dreams are made of

A thought, a wish, a goal, a target; dreams abound of what we make of it. 

The actualization of dreams and goals mean different things to different people but what cuts across is the singular, individual expression of these goals and aspirations. A stand for something, a stand for a cause, a stand for their existence regardless of naysayers. These are characteristics of the people we built Eyowo for. 

In signing our very first brand ambassador, it was important to bring on board someone who could help us reach this category of people, someone whose attributes aligned strongly with them and ours. We wanted a charismatic individual with an independent voice, a determination to win and an appetite for a better financial future. And we got exactly what we wanted. Angel B. Smith.


Angel represents an ideal Eyowo user who is on a journey to attain the fullest potential of their money life, gain and stay in control of their money as well as make it work for them.

Amidst the pull of fame and the noise that comes with it, she lives life on her own terms and sees no other way to do so. She realises having money gives her the freedom to be her own woman, make decisions  and more importantly, the understanding of how to apply said money is where and how true freedom comes. 

Angel takes ownership of her finances

The success of our everyday efforts towards achieving our goals and aspirations is largely determined by what we do with our money. Angel understands that to fully come into her own person and live her ideal financial lifestyle, there's a need to handle money better; grow money by not only making more of it but making more from it. 

This, among many others, is why she’s a perfect fit for the Eyowo brand.

A winning partnership

With this partnership, Eyowo shoots at reaching a range of Nigerians; Gen Z, Millennials and the older population who desire to be Better with Money to enable them attain their life long goals. We aim to show that dreams come through when better financial decisions are made. 

Welcome to the better side of life Angel, welcome to Eyowo.

Download Eyowo X to join Angel on the journey to a better money life.

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Join the money circle and be better with money!

Good to Grow.

Good to Go.

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