I Am Better with Money: Money Insights made me realise my addiction was ruining my finances.

Spend Insights made it possible for me to see all the money I had ever sent to someone. It was then I realised that if I needed to arrest someone for ruining my finances, then it had to be my personal shopper.

The ‘I Am Better with Money’ series tells the money stories of real Nigerians and how they manage their money better with Eyowo.  

In this episode, our customer Nimide tells us how she realised her finances needed housekeeping and how having a partner like Eyowo has made her relationship with money work better.


Hello, please tell us your name and what you do.

My name is Nimide Fala and I lead Marketing and Growth for Softcom. 


How has your relationship with money been?

Hmmn…this relationship is very oscillatory in behaviour. It goes from confused, superfluous, sweet, and to calm and humble.


How so? 

Well, for one, my money was all over the place.  I had about 5 different apps for money. I used one to save, I used the bank to do basic transactions. I used another app to list and track my spending and one to request money which I never got to use because sending account numbers was just easier, to be honest. 

Secondly, I couldn’t track how much I spent, and how much it cost me a month to buy credit or barbecue ribs. I had no way of knowing how much my addiction to shoes was ruining my finances, and also my calves. But that’s a story for another day. 


I can absolutely relate to the addiction to shoes bit. 🙈 How did you find out?

Eyowo X. 

I found that keeping track of my money using multiple platforms was similar to keeping multitudes of lovers and I’ve never been the one to succeed at this. I was failing at it deeply. 

Seems like we have quite a bit in common 😂

Hahaha...we should start a support group. 

So how did Eyowo help?

By helping me keep all my money in one place. I was able to have my personal and business account in one space. Keeping all my money where my two eyes could see it meant tracking what I did with it became so much easier. Spend Insights made it possible for me to see all the money I had ever sent to someone. It was then I realized that if I needed to arrest someone for ruining my finances, then it had to be my personal shopper. 


Oh no 😂

Seeeeeeeeee! She’s been cashing out! And I had all this information in one month of using Eyowo X. 


What did you do with this information?

I took control. I set limits on my spend with Controls and boy did I try. In my first attempt, I set a daily 2k limit but I soon figured that Twitter bants didn’t work in real life. 

Twitter in the mud…

In the actual mud! I had to pay more attention to my Spend Insight and then set a reasonable limit by separating all of the money I spent on frivolities from the ones I spent on necessities.

Did you consider saving at all?

Absolutely! I definitely saved. I chose to open two different safes. One with a flexible withdrawal and one with a fixed period. The flexible withdrawal is of course my emergency funds and I called it ShoSho. Because emergency dey come like sho sho sho; unannounced like a thief in the night. I also understood and appreciated the fact that these two options meant two different rates. I can tell you as a matter of fact that if I continue this way, I will be buying a car very soon. 


That’s really good to hear. Considering all these, what would you say is your favourite Eyowo X feature?

Spend Insight o. One time, I woke up and realised I had spent more than 200k on Essence just buying their Seafood Pasta in Tomato sauce. Omo that thing is sweet like sin. God help me. It’s hard to stop at just Spend Insight because the total experience is 10/10; my financial levels have changed. 

How do you think your personal shopper is feeling about this new development?

She needs to rest my case. Lol.

Any last words?

I’ve said a lot already o, hmmm...let me think…

Aha, for me, making decisions is very easy; it’s like a mental wishlist. But sticking to it is where the real work is. What works for me is having a partner. With a partner, things will work that wouldn’t ordinarily have. And I found that partner in Eyowo X. 


For a minute that sounded like a love note.

And you’d be correct because I love Eyowo X.


Aww...we love you too! Thank you so much Nimide!


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