7 Ways to Become Better with Money

Adulthood is one of the biggest scams ever; a mirage filled with realities of the many responsibilities we carry on our backs. These responsibilities are inevitably hinged on money, shaping our relationship and perception of it.

These times call for tough measures and deliberate money management decisions to stay afloat and ride the tides. Every measure we think of to put in place in order to adjust to the fast rising cost of adulthood requires us being better with money. A difficult mountain to climb it seems, but you can be better with money.

You are at the core of what we do at Eyowo and in line with our commitment to seeing you attain your financial goals, here are 7 ways to become better with your money.

Keep All Your Money Where Your Eyes Can See It

Visibility on all your money, enables you to have 360 know-how on the financial choices you need to make to improve your relationship with it. Your money needs only one app. Eyowo.

We have made it easy to keep a tab on how your money is doing; be it personal or business funds, you can have it all in one place and make better informed decisions where they are concerned. You’re also able to link other accounts from different banks to your Eyowo account for easy tracking.

Tracking and Controlling Your Money

Next call of duty is learning to manage what money you have. It is important to have a spend plan which would help tailor, set and achieve your financial goals. Many people don’t budget because they don’t want to go through what they think will be a boring process of listing out expenses, adding up numbers, and making sure everything lines up. We’ve made this super easy with Controls. Controlling your money is investing in yourself. Do it with Eyowo Controls.


This not only takes away the mental gymnastics, it also holds you accountable and places you in the driver's seat where your precious coins are concerned. With ready set categories, you can set a weekly or monthly spending limit for each, and adjust as you progress on your money management journey.

Grow Your Money

Earning money by trading your time is great, but more importantly is being able to find a way to make more money without having to be actively involved. Investing your money increases its value over time and is quite critical to building wealth.


Eyowo Safe puts your money to work while you sleep, ensuring maximum rewards for low effort. With up to 13% interest on your savings, your plans for a better future; relocation, saving towards a new business venture, a dream car, etc can be actualized.

Know How Your Money Moves

You can’t improve what you don’t know and a key step in being better with money and improving your financial lifestyle is knowledge. With Eyowo, you get to know if your tozo suya man is building a house in the village with your money, if love does really cost a thing and how you can do things differently for a different outcome.

Reports & Insights

Heads up, it’s the day of reckoning with Reports & Insights. These let you see your weekly or monthly money inflow and outflow at the tap of a finger. You may or may not like what you see, but it’s all part of your journey to being better with money.

Put Your Money To Work At The Speed of Light

For all the work you put in, you should have the freedom to move your money around and without paying for it. You shouldn’t have to pay to spend. Eyowo is your playing field to spend your money as you please, how and when you please. And for FREE.

Send money to a bank account in 0.1 seconds.

You can send money to any recipient’s bank account if you so wish.

Send money to a Phone Number in 0.1 seconds.

You can also choose to send money, at the speed of Eyowo, to any phone number.

Leave No Money On The Table

You’re helping no one, not even yourself when you leave money on the table. Being in charge of your money not only entails controlling it but also asking for it. Your debtors might not be entirely happy about this, but hey, they better have your money when you come calling with Eyowo.

Ask to be paid via QR

You can share your QR code to be paid instantly for your services.

Ask with a payment link/Eyowo.me

As we said, Eyowo is your playing field to do as you wish. Need an urgent 2k? Send a payment link. Got a birthday wishlist? Attach your payment link to receive instant cash.

Join The ‘Better With Money’ Circle

Your desire to be better with money needs to be backed with actionable steps towards this goal. We’ve made it super easy and seamless for you to get started. Simply download Eyowo X from your app store, open it to set up an account, get verified, add money and start being better. Because you can.


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Join the money circle and be better with money!

Good to Grow.

Good to Go.

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