Grievance Policy

Find out how you can submit queries and lodge complaints regarding our product or services. Our grievance policy details our dispute resolution methodology.

Legal Policies

Eyowo believes in providing excellent service and strives to be sincere and transparent in its approach to customer service and support to sustain and achieve business growth. Your trust in us is of paramount importance to us and we would never place our personal growth before your interest. This Policy aims to minimize instances of customer complaints, grievances and disputes through a channelized approach of review and redress. Your feedback will help us in identifying shortcomings in our product features and service delivery. Your satisfaction is our main objective in our strive to build a healthy customer relationship and deliver excellent service.

This Policy aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and prompt redress of customer grievances. Eyowo has developed a procedure for prompt attention to grievances of the customers in respect of various issues. This is done by setting up a "customer support" and “a dispute resolution mechanism”.

The following are the underpinning principles of this policy:

  • Transparency;
  • Prompt, courteous and timeous response to all queries, enquiries and complaints; and
  • Constantly developing new and smarter mechanisms to receive and address customer grievance. The details of dispute resolution mechanism are placed in the domain of public knowledge.

Dispute may occur as a result of several reasons. It may be because of the difference in the service expected and the service delivered. A dispute may also arise as a result of technical or non- technical errors in the system or at times due to human inadvertence or error.

Eyowo provides a user-friendly platform to all its customers to file a complaint/ share feedback if they are disappointed by services rendered. Customers can give their complaint/ feedback in sending an email to:

If the user’s grievance is not resolved within the stipulated time frame, or if the user is not completely satisfied with the solution provided by Eyowo, then they can approach our dispute resolution system with their complaint or explore other legal avenues available for dispute resolution.

In order to make Eyowo dispute resolution more meaningful and effective, a structured system has been put in place. This system will ensure that the complaints are redressed seamlessly and well within the stipulated timeframe.

Expertise of staff for handling complaints

Our staff undergoes regular training to ensure that consumer’s queries and grievances are handled properly. They are trained to work in a manner which enhances the consumer trust and confidence in us. Our objective to achieve maximum customer satisfaction can be witnessed in both the operations as well as in customer communications. We analyze consumer queries and complaints and ensure the removal of such complaints from the root. This helps in improving the overall quality of the service levels gradually.

Introduction to our Dispute Resolution System

The users’ experience is our focus and this is why we devote ourselves to listen to our users and take their concerns seriously. We positively analyze and scrutinize how you would feel from the time you log-in to wallet till the time you’re done to evolve and enhance our services. We ensure a simply incredible and user-friendly experience to all our customers and in case of any complaint or concern we do everything we can to fix them.

How to reach our support desk:

For Recharge, Bill Payment and Ticket Related Issues

Level 1:

Level 2:

  • If the resolution you received does not meet your expectations, please write to us:

Level 1:

  • You can reach our support-desk by calling 01-7001520

Level 2:

  • If the resolution you received does not meet your expectations, please write to us:

We recommend our customers send us their queries by sending us an email via or calling us on 01-7001520.

It is also recommended that the customer provides a complaint reference number provided by our customer care team in all further communication with us regarding a particular issue.

This enables us to get more details about the customer and the query quickly and helps in resolving the query faster.

Suitable timelines have been set for every complaint depending on the nature of queries and the investigations lead time which would be involved in resolving the same.

Here are the estimated timelines at the various levels of queries and escalations;

  • First response to a user’s query/ concern - 24 hours
  • Follow-up queries - 48 hours
  • Escalated cases - 7 Business days
  • Customer’s written query – 15 Business days

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