Get up to 17% interest when you save on Eyowo

Get up to 17% interest when you save on Eyowo

Nov 18, 2019

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Augustine Ogwo

Augustine Ogwo

Of what value is your money sitting in a bank account? We will leave you to answer that question.

Would you rather make a sacrifice today for tomorrow or you just want to live in the moment?

We sometimes have plans that feel so impossible to accomplish. This could be because we lack the courage to start working towards those or the discipline to follow through.

You probably want to buy a new phone, pay your rent, complete your school fees, go on that dream vacation or simply grow your money.

Thinking about these things sometimes causes you a migraine because you don’t think you can afford them.

At Eyowo, we believe you can and should live your best life despite what you earn. This is why we created Eyowo Savings.

Eyowo Savings is perfect for you

Making money can be really difficult, so why not have fun while trying to grow your money?

A famous piece of advice from Warren Buffett goes thus: “Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.”

With Eyowo Savings, you can earn up to 17% on your savings per annum (when you save with the Fixed Savings plan) or up to 13% interest per annum (when you save with the Recurring Savings plan).

Fixed savings plan

17% interest on your savings per annum is an industry-leading rate which is just right for you.

This plan is perfect if you want to save a large sum of money for a minimum of a 30-day period.

You can’t access the principal amount saved until the maturity date but you can choose to collect your interest upfront.

Recurring savings plan

You can automate your savings towards any goal at 13% interest on your savings per annum.

This plan is so cool as it allows you to set a target and automate the frequency at which money is added to your safe.

Your safe’s maturity date must be at least 3 months away from the day you created the safe.

Just because we understand the discipline needed to save, you won’t be able to withdraw from this plan until the due maturity date.

Create your first safe in 60 seconds.

The first step towards reaching your savings goals is to create an Eyowo safe.

To get started, launch the Eyowo app (on Android or iOs) and follow these steps. You can also create a safe by visiting and signing in.

It’s that easy! 😊

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